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Ticket Vending Machine (TVM): An Urban Client

Cubic Team Makeup: Information Architect (1), UX Designers (1), UI Designer (1), & Producer (1)

My Role: UX Designer

My Tools: Figma, InVision & Adobe Illustrator

Tasks & Deliverables: Contextual Inquiry, Personas, Prototypes, Usability Testing

Work Environment: Design team was in-office until March 2020, then 100% remote, 2 timezones

Timeline: September 2019-May 2020 (Transisitoned project to a new UX designer)

My Role

Cubic had worked with this client for years and produced the hardware that the software interface was displayed on. I was brought in following negotiations to update and streamline user interactions for machines in their transit stations. All UX research had been compiled by an outside agency.


HUMAN FACTORS: The first course of action was to understand the software-hardware relationships. The screen was a touch screen interaction, but the user was buying something physical, so I had to make sure to convey that relationship in the UX flow.


CONTEXTUAL ANALYSIS: Later I was able to do a contextual analysis when I flew up to the location, bought my own tickets and observed others buying their tickets using the current system. This observation helped frame refinement conversations since I had a deeper understanding of the user from a first-person perspective.


Working with the client, I created flows based on the use cases defined by the client. I worked with the software architect to make sure all designs balanced the user needs and the software architecture parameters.


I created interactive prototypes. These user flows were created in Figma, and the screens were exported to InVision for client receive feedback. Working with a UI designer, we made sure to integrate the transportation agency’s brand guidelines with WCAG 2.0 best practices.

TVM_Key Screen Examples
Key Takeaways

Working with a large, urban transportation agency, I was challenged with designing for a wide array of users who need to complete their task quickly. 

This was an excellent challenge and learning experience, however, I was re-assigned before it became complete.

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